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The following are highly regarded, well known humans that have dedicated their lives to get the truth  out.  I want to emphasize that we do our work to our highest good will, which does not mean all is correct. I do not neccessarily agree with all they present and do. You should take from others what feels right, judge it and make your own opinion. As of international law requirements, I totally distance myself from all the content.  

David Icke:

Gareth Icke:

Neil Hague:

Simon Parkes:

Stewart Swerdlow:

Jay Essex:

Dolores Cannon

Alex Jones:

Dieter Bröhrs: (famous scientist)

Dr Joe Dispenza (famous scientist)

Robert Stanley, Unicus Magazine

Adam Apollo:

Will Berlinghof:

Andreas Dajamoo:

Geistheiler Sananda:

Sascha Stone:

Jo Conrad:

Guiliana Conforto (famous scientist)

Project Avalon

and many more....

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