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Spiritual Art Poems

Poem Nr. 5 : The absolution of the Christ                                                Poem Nr. 6
Golden Prison: The golden lion has risen!                                              Golden Pain: The unseen torture

              "I am crossed up, please let me out.

              I am locked up, I am breaking out."  


                "I declare all null and void,

                 and re-claim my spiritual gold." 

                “I, the golden lion, have risen,

​                 That you kept up so long in the golden prison.”


                 “I am strong and free, and I shine,

                 Be quiet and hear, as I am divine.”  



                What have they done? Oh my boy,

                Take your dinosaur, your favourite toy.


                Let me heal your wounds and pain,

                So that you can be strong on my side, and reign.


               It seems you are me and I am you,

               We are walking in one golden shoe.



                With love Stephanie Weiss,  22.10.2023


             "My suffering and torture lies so deep insight .

               but I trust one day it will be healed and be alright. "

How many individuals are a target?

Behind the illusionary holographic facet.....

Lets look as an example at target number one.

A decent lady who has done nothing wrong.


With love Stephanie Weiss,  22.10.2023

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