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"My healing method is spiritual procedure for the stimulation of the self-healing forces of body and essence. These are methods of the spiritual healing. I do not make medical diagnoses and do not make healing promises. The application of my treatments does not substitute the visit to the doctor or his medication." 


To support the healing process one needs to look at all areas of their life and make adjustment where necessary. Most important is in my opinion the energetic quality of the surrounding. Apart from this, one has to look at the perspective of the following possible: spiritual, soul, allergies, chemicals, energetic and gross material causes

I find it highly critical and somewhat dangerous that some believe they attend a seminar, pay like 1000 Eur, get a canal and "heal". 

As of  my spiritual origin and the so called "Indigo" qualities, I have the natural ability to positively influence another with the sole presence of my being.  I like to combine my natural gifts and my vast knowledge of non-physical matters with alternative healing methods of Buteyko and Ayurveda. 

Please see my shop for energetic support packages. 

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