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I am not a testimonial person, but I would like to add the ones given by a small dedicated group of Americans that I have taught for 12 days in a row in May 2023, giving them an overview of all my knowledge.


Thanks to Stephanie and the things I learned in these sessions, I felt like I was reborn, taken out of a bubble that I was in. As if I was blind and I could see again. Its like I recovered something I had lost long ago. I felt more energy, more joy, little things I wasn't noticing before.  Immediate effects.



These sessions made me see reality in a whole new light. Hidden things. Things that we do and accept unconsciously because of culture, customs etc.,  and I was liberated from all that. 



I gained clarity in a world where society throws things at you and deems as normal. I released contracts and felt liberated. Instant shifts in energy. 



 I dont remember how I found Stephanie but Im so glad I did. From the first conversation, everything she was saying made perfect sense and resonated within me.  Things that I knew in my being were true. She connected all the dots for me until I could see the bigger picture.  She is patient and answers any question we may have. These group sessions I did with my family were truly eye opening and it fortified our resolve to continue the fight in this matrix illusion being messengers of truth and love. 

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