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Spiritual Art Poems

"Fantasy, Science Fiction, Illusionary storyline"
Poem Nr 8:
Golden Revolution: The divine kingdom returns
Poem Nr 7:   
Golden Heroes: May they be blessed

                    "We are lighting up the sky tonight, 

                    until we see a bright daylight."

High divine spirits, light beings and love warriors are spread around the globe. 

Due to their incredible courage and persistance, there is still hope. 

Lets, full of love, take a look, 

they will write history and be hopefully mentioned one day in a book. 

Pay your highest respect to the love warriors that lost their life,

They caught a 6, throwing the black and white dice.



With love Stephanie Weiss, 22.10.2023

Now the time has finally come,

The spiritual revolution has begun,

“Thy will be done on planet Earth”,

It’s the divine kingdom´s “rebirth”.


With love Stephanie Weiss 24.10.2023

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