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Understand who I am and read between the lines. I am not ashamed to say I am injured. Due to challenging "circumstances" (to put it nicely) I am paying of 100.000 Eur in debt. I am a single mother working around the clock and its difficult. 

I need to reduce the personal work to a minimum

and dedicate my time and energy to the following: 

- Writing books, articles and poems to spread my knowledge

- Clearing of the astral realm

I will have the help of my trusted friend Andreas Dajamoo.  There is a lot we are planning to do.  What is our source of power? UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that we carry in our heart and our divine power. 

I would appreciate if you can and if your heart tells you, please donate for us so that we can do this important work. 

It must be unconditional. 



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