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White Poems


Spiritual Art Fiction


"Unique, passionate and wild,

while at the same time loving and mild.


A way that would melt any ice,

refined with my self-mixed love spice."


With love Stephanie Weiss



“An inspirational love story full of raw emotions, passion,

despair and hope, recalling the writings of great poets.

Do not seek to comprehend why love like this is so grand,

when mind and body reprimand what only soul and heart can understand.

Love just is…enjoy!"


Daniel Juarez, Film Director, USA,



"A spiritual and philosophic masterpiece!

Funny, honest and outspoken while being unique and different.

We have never seen such a piece of art before.

Poetic rhymes in perfection!”

Andreas Dajamoo, Spiritual Leader, Germany

White Deficits


My love, for 2024 I wish you all the best,

I hope you have vacations and can rest.


I need to say it, there is no other way,

here at the French Atlantique bay.


I love you from the bottom of my heart,

my beloved sweetheart.


I love you without condition,

I just have to increase my physical ambition.

My heart is crying,

there is truly no denying.

Each cell of my body hurts,

the frequency of my heart has a different hertz.

I regret my qualities do not match your high expectations,

and we don’t share a language, being of different nations.


My French…oh dear, I have to learn,

smooth communication is what I will earn.

Dis-moi, je t'écoute.

I will not press the button “mute”.

I see within me there are plenty of deficits,

here is my certificate of indebtedness.

Forgive me I am not what you need,

be lenient, this is what I plead.

Word of honour, I will increase my market value,

so that you can re-value.

For one year I miserably failed in igniting the love flame,

what a golden shame.

Please give me the chance to properly “apply”,

I try to be not so “shy”.


When is it the time to let go?

I truly do not know.

I feel all alone and hopeless,

where do I belong? I feel roadless.


Where is my pride?

Where can I hide?

I can hardly bear anymore this painful longing,

this passionate feeling of belonging.

Que je t´aime,

how much I desire to be your femme.

Heart pain, where is the cure?

I will work on finding one, I succeed for sure.


France, 11.01.2024

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