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Poem Nr 12 
Golden Presence
Poem Nr 13 
Golden Choice: Which pill?

Sometimes I feel the mightiness of my being and expand,

I am looking down far up France, seeing at far distance my beloved Atlantique sand.

I open up my wings and fly,

Far above into the sky.

My golden essence is so strong,

I am having difficulties in the physical to get along.


With love Stehanie Weiss 15.11.2023

"In some areas of my life I am still in the golden prison,

Trying to collect money to pay my admission."

"Embarking to be free,

Sealed by the number three."



Aren’t we lucky and must we not be grateful that we are alive on the “Earth”,

We accept our limited life until “death” starting early upon birth.

The rat race starts already early in schools,

Where you are being brainwashed with illusionary nonsense and learn all the tools.

To function well in this society,

While suppressing any doubts and anxiety.



With love Stephanie Weiss, 16.11.2023

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