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"Believe nothing, question everything! The only truth is your own soul, the inner voice within. Listen to it and it will sing to you!" 

"If you have the urge to pray, please look into the mirror and pray to yourself!" 

"Never let yourself being guided by anybody, in particular not by a soul guide like me! Guide yourself!"

"You can have a relationship without the physical body, only your true essences coming together. Listen and you might even feel the heart beat."


"Many out there claim the Corona vaccination was genozid. I reckon it was the "harvest of the souls". 

"The shot was the seal of the dark deal!"

"What is the most important word on this planet?  Denied!

"What is the solution for almost anything? Love and empathy!"

​"You cannot run away from the pain, it will come and find you!"

"It is never too late to apologize and to turn around and walk towards the right direction!"

"If you need help from another, always state: I only allow influence that is to the highest good of my unity of body, mind and soul/spirit and the to the highest good of the souls involved. All harm is denied."

"Who wants to dance with the omnnipotence of love, better learns how to do the waltz first."

"You dont recognize the divine by their golden boots, but on their loving fruits."

"With a crying heart all is nothing, and with a loving and singing heart nothing is all!"

"In the end all that matters is how kind, gentle and loving you were, how I call it: your account of love!"

"Who arrogantly goes up, will come down!"

"Truth is truth even if you dont believe in it or deny it." This truth will roll you over at one time." 

"If you keep on shutting your eyes or have been to evil, "Congratulations", you won a permanent residency for planet earth."

Copyright Stephanie Weiss


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