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I am going to recommend some books here, while I have just read a few of them. My knowledge and understanding comes mainly from within. I know what the authors are standing for and generally what they are doing. I grasp their work on an intuitive level. You need to be concerning and take for you what resonates with you. Most is very accurate. In some books there might be some half truth and misleading information within. So always discern. I distance myself from the websites and their books as of legal requirements. Usually the books are available in the major languages. E-books can be translated in seconds on 

All books by John V. Panella, most precious, I read them all, you can download them for free in the internet

David Icke/Gareth Icke:

German Scientist Dieter Broehrs: Der verratene Himmel, Gedanken erschaffen Realität, Der Matrix Code

Italian Scientist Giuliana Conforto: Das Sonnenkind

The Swerdlows:

British politician Simon Parkes:

Andreas Dajamoo:

Neil Hague:

Alex Jones:

Jo Conrad:

Geistheiler Sananda:

Adam Apollo:

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