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"You are fallen 

it s destiny´s calling, 

reach my hand, 

we are going home through the golden sand."


Please see the shop or drop me an email with your request!

Divine Services: enlightenment, blessings, guild absolution, confession, end-of life care, funerals/weddings

Soul Spirit Services: soul liberation, re-fragmentation, education, returning home, re-incarnation, DNA

Energy Work: Aura, clearing, exorcism, education, self-help, universal/spiritual laws, detachment, major fields of spirituality

Physical and emotional Healing Support: root cause research, re-growth of tissues, reparation of blueprint and manifestation in the physical body, trauma release, mind pattern/conciousness, support of failing organs, attempt of reversal of the dying process, Buteyko Breathing Method, Ayurveda, conflicts according to Dr Hamer

Harmful Substances: spiritual absolution, support the release of harmful substances in the body such as vaccinations and chemicals, harmonizing the effects


Aura clearings, chakra alignment, energetic recharge of your being, return of your fragmented and lost essence

Vaccination Damage

I can give energetic support in vaccination damage and help to balance causes and effects. Most importantly I can restore the damage on your essence. I cannot emphazize enough the importance to have soul work done in this respect. 

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