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I am seeing the Aura all around you. There is the most beautiful white pure glowing Aura all the way around you, it is edged with violet and then it extends into the most perfect gold. You are definitely somebody very different....I just feel asif I am in the presence of a very wonderful spiritual being...You really exude unconditional love, no doubting this. The feeling of you, I can hardly describe it, it is incredible because it is powerful without being dominating, it is wonderful to be honest...Some of the new people will be lightbeings like you, there are a number, but there aren`t as beings who have come onto the planet but I feel that yours is different, yours is much higher than that, much higher....Your energy is so different, it is like it is surrounded by 100.000 angels, that many...that you are the most beautiful person that I have come across....                 
Extracts from the reading conducted in 2016 by Welsh psychic Carol Clarke. David Icke names her to be the best psychic on the planet. 
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Voice of Source Channeling by Will Berlinghof

"That you are a female expression of the Sananda force."


Dear beautiful presence, 
welcome to my website. Let me convince you that I am THE right lady to refer to when it comes to your own most precious - your essence and your heart. 
I am honored to meet you!
My work is unique and it cannot be described, it is individual. Just entering my endless field of love can entail profound changes within you. 
I am one of the very few incarnations with a (white, violet and) golden, illuminated aura, being a loving and pure representative of the white origin.

I invite to learn about me by listening to the following reading of the Welsh psychic Carol Clarke, that David Icke named to be the best psychic on the planet (which I agree upon). Please find the French and German shortened  translated text attached. 




Even though being brought up under "very difficult circumstances" in Hamburg, Germany, I followed an impressive academic career. I completed my Bachelor in "Business Administration" in Germany and my MBA in "Finance" in the USA with honor.  I worked in Frankfurt as a Financial Analyst, before I started to awaken. I call these years "my lost years" and regretted a lot, but I can now appreciate that I gained the necessary skills to now accomplish my work. I never identified with studying. It was more a game, demonstrating the system my superiority towards professors. True wisdom comes from within and cannot be taught. 

In 2009 I started to learn a lot about alternative healing methods and started to show strong interest in physical healing. I self- studied Aryurveda, the teachings by Dr Hamer and I was trained as a Buteyko Breathing teacher by the highly regarded Artour Rakhimov himself over a long period of time.  
In 2013 I had the huge awakening  of the non-physical realm and suddenly all was there. I had great teacher along the way until I was able to guide myself along and started to teach others.
My vast knowledge derives mainly from inner wisdom, "knowing by knowing", valuable experiences and the guidance of my higher essence. My intuition and my ability to put astral information into words are unbeatable. 
I have an excellent understanding of the non-physical realms and regard myself an expert in astral structures of all kinds. I am also the right person when it comes to spiritual love and astral unification. 
When you meet me, you will find a very "down to earth", gentle, loving and modest lady, while being funny, sarcastic, easy going and full of life.  At the same time, I am brave, assertive and wise, while being rebellious, sultry and controverse.
In 2023 I discovered my talent and passion for writing poems and I desire to intensify this work. I am working on my second book which will be out soon.   
With much love Stephanie

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