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Buteyko - by Artour Rakhimov

"My healing method is spiritual procedure for the stimulation of the self-healing forces of body and essence. These are methods of the spiritual healing. I do not make medical diagnoses and do not make healing promises. The application of my treatments does not substitute the visit to the doctor or his medication."

I am a certified Buteyko breathing practicioner and I had the honor to be trained by the highly respected Dr. Artour Rakhimov himself over the course of many months in 2011 and 2013. He is the world´s leading inventor of breathing retraining methods and the developer of the Buteyko breathing technique. He is the author of 11 books.  He has giving me an incredible insight on physical health and passed me on his valuable alternative health knowledge.  

Buteyko breathing is based on the fact that deep abdominal breathing with a smaller air volume ensures a better supply of oxygen than with chest breathing with a larger breathing volume. Buteyko breathing focuses on pure nasal breathing, meaning that you only breathe through your nose when inhaling and exhaling. This humidifies, cleanses and warms the inhaled air. The aim is to achieve relaxation of the diaphragm in particular and to reduce both the breaths and the draft volume, i.e. the amount of air that is inhaled and exhaled. Also interesting: How good is my breathing performance? The BOLT value reveals it.


What is behind the breathing method? This breathing method is being used more and more frequently, particularly in complementary medicine and alternative medicine, but also in training and competitive sports. As early as 1998, a study showed that asthmatics were able to reduce their medication through this breathing training. In addition, the effectiveness of the Buteyko method has been proven in connection with back problems, cardiac dysfunction and pain. It has also been shown that the method can be used for sleep disorders, anxiety and fatigue. What is important here is that the effect is proven to be based primarily on the (deep) relaxation effect, or rather: This can reduce muscular and psychological tension. Even with asthma, conscious breathing can lead to a relaxation of the bronchial muscles, which makes breathing easier. Also interesting: 6 reasons why it is healthier to breathe through your nose.


What influence does Buteyko breathing have on the body? The aim is to improve oxygen release at the cellular level and to create a balance between tension and relaxation. Breathing can have a direct influence on the body. Inefficient breathing, such as during long-term stress, releases stress hormones. This leads to tension and immobility. The ability to regenerate is reduced. What can be achieved through improved breathing:


- Improvement in blood gas profile

- Hormone production and the functioning of many cells change positively

- The increase in the CO2 partial pressure leads to a drop in pH, so the environment in the            peripheral tissue becomes more acidic! (Bohr effect)

- Stress levels are minimized and you feel more balanced and calm Increase in performance


- Increasing coordination skills

- Less tension in the neck and shoulder area as a result of the relaxation technique/mindfulness exercise

- The body becomes more flexible, especially in the upper body and shoulder area, also due to the relaxation effect

- The oxygen supply in the cells is optimized

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