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"Silver Poems...the love mission" out this autumn
The Unforgiven
Silver Heroes: May they be blessed


"We are lighting up the sky tonight,

until we see a bright daylight."

High lovine spirits, light beings and love warriors are spread around the globe.

due to their incredible courage and persistance, there is still hope.

Lets, full of love, take a look,

they will write history and be hopefully mentioned one day in a book.

Pay your highest respect to the love warriors that lost their life,

they caught a 6, throwing the black and white dice.


Dont worry, they will be re-born in a new baby corp,

awaiting the next timewarp.

"Conspiracy theories" will be their first hobby,

starting already when they sit on the car "bobby".

There are many love heros out there, brave and full of power,

assisting to drop the ring into the fire, while carrying the white flower.

When you you meet one of them, honor them and bow,

ease their life if you can, just ask them how.

Also, honor each one willing to contribute in litte steps,

while they evolve and develop their biceps.

Now lets look at the companions of the ones having the astral lead,

they serve unconditionally and make sure their master does not bleed.

Remember Sam and Frodo in Lord of the Rings?

Thats their loyalty and honor, protecting their master`s wings.

Carrying when their master cannot walk anymore,

Even it is a walk from the desert to the shore.

They lift their master up, when they fall,

when they cannot do anything else but crawl.

Look at the beauty and courage of the astral leaders of this game,

they are far away from wanting any fame.

They are here to drop the ring into the fire and to return their kind,

they are totally divinely aligned.

Not to forget their partners and lovers,

who are the biggest supporters.

They care for the strongest power, the heart shine,

encouraging their loved ones to write the next rhyme.

May it be known, the astral lead is incarnated in the female,

Madame White is so smart she would easily made an A+ in Yale.

Her almighty aura floods middle-earth and beyond,

approach her, and she will respond.

At first glance she seems normal, sense her and you recognize her pure glow,

when you meet her, the color white is everywhere, like innocent snow.

Even the sleeping humans sometimes do their part,

they know on a certain level, role out the golden carpet, by heart.

What we have in common is the love,

within us, but sent from above.

May they all be lovinely blessed,

it is just simple, they are the best.

With love Stephanie Weiss, 22.10.2023

"All evil, I will love the hell out of you,
I will define the words love and peace anew!"

Will the unforgiven be addressed,
and our sins be confessed.

Look the golden doors are opening once more,

let mutual understanding and peace soar.

Let’s together walk through,

but only when we are honest and true.

When I walk a step towards you and you walk a step towards me,

and then we can feel and see.

The pain and the perspective of the other,

one might have fallen a lot and not been loved enough by the mother.

Lets restore our shame into honor and pride, 

and do what is right. 

 Look, there is sunshine coming through, 
lets leave the dark rue. 

Take my hand and lets return home, 
and say goodbye to Rome.  

Lets lay down our arms, 
and communicate instead with loving charms. 
Love and evil are two parts of the metal, lets bathe it in gold
and see if neutrality gets unfold. 
Lets lay any fight to rest, 
may it fall to dust and be blessed. 
France, 13.3.2024 to be continued
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