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1 hour on Zoom/Skype to be scheduled upon enough participants for 30 Eur.

"My healing method is spiritual procedure for the stimulation of the self-healing forces of body and essence. These are methods of the spiritual healing. I do not make medical diagnoses and do not make healing promises. The application of my treatments does not substitute the visit to the doctor or his medication!"

- "Heaven on Earth" (feel the crystal energies of her white presence)

- Spinal straightening

- Energetic correction of the teeth

- Repair of the blueprint and manifestation in the physical body

- Energetic detachment of the family

- Energetic detachment of all sexual contacts

- Karma resolution and acquittal

- Trauma resolution

- Emotional healing

- Reinforcement of the female nourishing energy (Apana)

- DNA Clearance and activation

- Balancing male and female energies (androgyn)

- Adapting the frequency of toxins and metals to the frequency of the body 

- Energetic clearance and care of all organs

- Clearance and activation of the pineal gland

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