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These are options for individual seminars that an be hold upon request in German or English or with a translator in any other language. Prices depend on the seminar and its participants. 

From zero to hero:

Intensive seminar about all related spiritual topics, tailored to your specific needs

Soul Communication:

Learn to listen to your voice within and to find the right path

Group Soul Communication: 

Present a topic and develop steps with the group on how to solve it. 


Returning home:

Learn about necessary steps to leave the re-incarnational cycle and to return home.

Soul Virtues:

Enlightenment, Law of Honor, honorable behaviour, the language of love

Spiritual love:

Finding the right partner, true love, spiritual unification, learning lessons involved, astral sex, deep loving devotion

Physical health:
Healthy living, major causes for disease, physical healing, emotional healing, pitfalls of being a healer, alternative healing possibilities

Learn on how to work with others/teaching others:
On how to best behave, on how to best cater to your clients, mutual understanding, teaching others

Living environment:
Harmonize your home and environment, how to have a healthy home, clean & clear it


Conflict Solving:

Analysing conflict situations and learn how to approach them and to solve them

Problematic behaviour with kids, loving upbringing, embedding right values 


Dream interpretation

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